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Delivering Luxury

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Living the life to the fullest, investing in unforgettable experiences and stories worth living...

target audience

People that truly believe in the concept of ‘we live only once’


— restructuring & redesigning the brand;
— creating a new identity;
— repositioning the company;
— redirecting the strategy;
— creating the brand story;
— composing a business plan.


During COVID, people lost interest in basic ‘luxury’ needs, the focus was completely turned upside down to the emotional aspect. People were ready to invest into emotions and feelings, not just tables at restaurants. They wanted to experience the impossible and live life to the fullest. COVID showed us that life is NOW or never, there is no time for postponing things and keeping someone wate — it’s all about the momentum.


Have you ever found yourself wondering how far you can really go? If there are any limits?

We have created the edgy concierge to fulfill the unthinkable desires, to inspire you to want more, achieve the unimaginable, and simply to live the life worth living. We are here to push your boundaries and allow you to live beyond your wildest dreams.

Our concept is unconventional, bold, a little sarcastic, and a whole lot risky. It’s made for the daredevils, the visionaries, the achievers, the brave, and the fearless.

story behind

We have been the cliché concierge, “the luxurious luxury, the bespoke service, the individual approach” – we have been there, done that, and the most valuable lesson we learnt - it does not work. It’s boring, outdated and has no value in… our present-day world. We have nearly closed due to the pandemic.

Suddenly, the “luxurious luxury” was not in demand anymore, the standard services were no longer needed and we had to “reinvent the wheel” – create a brand new, fresh, edgy concept offering much more than just the basic concierge services but, ultimately, the unforgettable experiences.That’s how the new *name* came to life.

We are proud and (a little nervous) to present the bold, audacious and a bit risky concierge for the brave and wild at heart. Dare to be different? Then get ready for the ride...

initial goal

To change the purpose of ‘concierge’
• To rethink the meaning of a concierge;

• To revive the company after covid;

• To attract new international audience;

• To show people that luxury is not about ‘spending money to sparkling luxury goods’ but about ‘investing into emotions worth experiencing and moments worth living


New concept was fully built not around cliche pictures every single concierge company is using (private jets, Maldives and top-notch restaurants) but around the ‘pictures’ you can create in your head while reading stories we’ve composed.
Chapter I — Booking Coya, cooking a lobster
*a story about making reservations & bookings
A 2 pm call came in from Richard on Valentine’s Day

He wanted us to book full Coya for the night and fly Massimo Bottura (a well-known chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant) from Modena and Jeff Leatham (a well-known floral designer) from Paris to Dubai. He also did a special request to ship a couple of bottles of the best Domaine Leflaive Batard-Montrachet from France and asked us to make sure Riccardo Tisci (the one who designed Monica’s custom-made silk emerald green dress for that night) is showing up himself in their Bvlgari suit right before they leave for dinner (oh lord).

One stressful day, a couple of millions of euros later and one heart-to-heart talk about eternal love with Nico de Soto (never thought it was possible to get that tipsy on Gin Fizz), we were finally able to stop and enjoy the moment.

That night, Monica let her hair down, mixed Dom Perignon with a really sour Limoncello for €10, danced on the table to Ricky Martin’s La Mordidita, and was the happiest girl in the world...
*a story about arranging top-notch travels
Camilla, Lifestyle Manager:

I could have never imagined I’d be flying on a private jet from Dubai to Nigeria to make sure our Gold member was fine. Five missed phone calls, nine undelivered texts and six unreturned voice messages left at Monica’s mobile brought havoc to the office. Only yesterday we booked a villa at Anahita the Resort Mauritius, brought Monica’s favorite pink peacocks to their private garden, borrowed Abramovich’s Eclipse yacht for the weekend (he never accommodated such requests before), and arranged a helicopter trip to Madagascar for a day, so Monica could hug a penguin (did you know there are penguins in Madagascar?)

Guess what! Upon landing, I found a very happy couple getting tipsy at the bar on Ogogoro and chatting to the athletic-looking bartender in fluent French. By the looks of it, this unexpected stop to fill up the jet’s tank was not that big of an issue after all.

12 hours later I received a selfie with pink peacocks… on the yacht! (can’t believe she did it).
*a story about unbelievable moments worth living
For Richard’s birthday, Monica decided to prepare a gift he cannot buy himself - an unforgettable experience. She asked us to arrange a private performance by Cirque du Soleil on the pink lake in Ras Al-Khaimah, where we flew 100 of their “closest” friends from all over the world…

Seven Gucci tents were set up where the top Michelin starred chefs were cooking the most unusual delicacies from shark steaks to ice cream fried in gold. Knife throwers, fire eaters, belly dancers, three tigers, and one crocodile transported everyone to the 17th century Persian fair...just like Monica dreamt of.

As it turned out, all Richard wanted was to run away and spend a solitude weekend by the Goðafoss Waterfall in cold Iceland, watching white whales and having a candlelit dinner in the volcano’s cave followed by horse riding on the black beach Vík...When Monica realised Richard went missing, 12 shots and 6 hours later, she was on a private jet to Iceland leaving behind the wildest party the Middle East has ever seen...
*a story about finding a perfect property
Today the office was full... Nate Berkus, Kelly Wearstler, Jean-Louis Denoit, three top interior designers, and two famous architects Ben Van Berkeleysan and Ron Radziner came together to find the perfect location for Richard and Monica’s new house in the middle of Dubai.

She wanted: French windows, Damien Hirst and Mario Henrique on the walls, pink fluffy bearskin carpets on the black marble floors, and Jeff Koon’s balloon dogs in all the colors of rainbow in every room.

He wanted: Bernhardt’s classic sturdy furniture, minimalistic design, handcrafted sculptures of ancient Greek gods, and the Fiore di Cristallo kitchen. The design team was lost.

A month later the black marble table with the pink stuffed bear that was custom made for Monica by Givenchy was seen on the cover of AD Magazine as the featured design of the month (bingo!).
*a story about being part of a sports' community
November 2021… The Luxury World Key team spent a week booking all the luxury hotels in Doha selecting the best private pilots, interviewing top chefs, and reserving the VIP lounges of all the eight stadiums where World Cup 2022 in Qatar is taking place. Our clients are… you know, we can’t disclose it, but those are household names.

The parties we have organized are going to be wild…. Pitbull and Shakira have been fully booked for our clients’ private events while lifestyle managers are being trained specifically to cater to footballers’ craziest requests from bringing a zebra for a victory party to flying private hairdressers from Sweden for Zlatan Ibrahimovich. We have seen (and done) it all.

Hop on this adventure!
*a story about fashion we all have to experience
Paris Fashion Week, 2nd October, Prada’s afterparty at David Lynch’s Silencio. Kanye West is on stage, Naomi Campbell and Terry Richardson are sipping Dom Perignon straight from the bottle discussing the entrecote they shared yesterday at the Beefbar at 5 Rue Marbeuf, Miuccia Prada and Nina Garcia are having a heated argument over the latest Jacquemus collection… All in all - a very chilled evening… well, it was, until Monica spotted Sara Sampaio wearing the same burgundy red dress by Sarah Burton.

Half an hour later and one quick 1 am trip to Printemps, both girls were wearing completely different dresses and drinking Espresso Martinis with the Luxury World Key team, thanking God (and us) they did not have to spend the rest of the night hiding in the bathroom…