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LEGACY: hotel costes

A notoriously private hotel with a twist. That case is strictly fictional. All the ideas suggested below are just concepts.

"Since the beginning, we never talk about ourselves, we prefer that people discover the hotel for themselves…"

target audience

The hip, the beautiful and the famous.


— concept creation;
— strategic planning;
— art direction;
— full analysis of the existing brand and the brand story;
— roadmapping.


To keep ‘the Costes Family heritage’ while still expanding the influence and bringing more interest to the hotel from the international audience.
This place is a pure representation of a ‘bourgeoisie society’ of the 21st century — during fashion weeks the hotel is filled with creative directors, Vogue editors and IMG models, not mentioning the bar & restaurant area at the lobby (*this place is the busiest all the time during the weekends all year long).

The hotel represents an unreachable level of luxury which is accessible only by the most powerful people of a couple of fashionable industries, and it's an unreachable dream to everyone from the ones who are not ‘part of the group’.
Unlike many hoteliers, the Costes' strategy is to stay as low-key as possible — the company says it turns down many press requests and has no outside public relations agency. You can't even book a room on third-party websites. For Hôtel Costes, being under the radar is part of the speakeasy-style mystique. In 2020, the hotel started the new chapter and announced the opening of a completely different style but yet still ‘Hotel Costes’ concept, hotel Le Castigoione designed by Christian Liaigre.

story behind

The brand was started by the media-shy Jean-Louis Costes (he doesn't speak to reporters) and his brother, Gilbert, in 1983. They were pioneers in the boutique hotel category, and The New York Times called Jean-Louis "a Parisian version of Ian Schrager." In the early 1980s, he turned to (now-starchitect) Philippe Starck to design his first restaurant, Café Costes, in Les Halles, which at that time was not the hip area it is today.

In 1995, they opened Hôtel Costes with a décor that did not have the same sleek, clean lines as many other boutique hotels being built at the time. Their vision was an homage to Napoleon-era design with a modern twist. The famous French designer Jacques Garcia wanted to show that décor from the 1600s and 1700s was not just for your grandmother. "A baroque surprise" Ms. Costes says during a tour of the rooms, which are chock full of red velvet furniture and flea market-sourced decor. The new phase of the hotel, on par for completion in the fall of 2018, will have larger and more modern rooms, some with stunning panoramic views of the city.

initial goal

To be recognized by new people.
To make people acknowledged about the concept of the Hotel Costes.
To expand the influence internationally.


— Ultra luxury advertisement

The hotel is positioned as an ultra-high level property for very exclusive people. The last time when I was there, there were 4 people at the face control, the place was fully booked  3 weeks ago and I was surrounded by Richnond and Kering top management, F1 racers with their top model girlfriends and lots of top players' football agents; in the restroom I met Sarah Sampaio and outside — a well-known investment fund owner from Italy => in order to attract such a crowd from other countries, you need to actually go and look for such people in places of the same level as Hotel Costes. We would recommend going for extra luxury hidden bars and restaurants all around the world.

The level of people that Hotel Costes targets is high, thus the promotion should be also on clearly another level. We would recommend printing small business cards (velvet, of course) in the colors of the brand and put nothing else but "Hotel Costes" on them. On the other side, it would be nice to leave a sentence with some provoking, call-to-action sentence (think Costes style) and/or just a number to connect on WhatsApp and a link to the website.
The level of people that Hotel Costes target is high, thus the promotion should be also on clearly another level. We would recommend printing small business cards (velvet) in the colors of the brand and say nothing else but "Hotel Costes" on them. On the other side, it would be nice to leave a sentence with some provoking, call-to-action sentence (think Costes style) and just a number to connect on WhatsApp and a link to the website.
It would be smart to sign with top-notch secret bars and restaurants of ultra high level and wait when ‘creme de la creme’ from all over the world will call themselves. That’s not hard sales or promotion, it’s a way to give people a chance to discover the place themselves.
In order to be in trend and not miss any single opportunity or cooperation, watch out on the Michelin Guide list yearly and The World’s 50 Best Bars. Your cards in such places will help you expand your influence, increase visibility, raise up your reputation and increase the amount of people reaching you out and actually visiting the place. In addition to that, you will not drop the quality level of your clientele.
— Collaborate with fashion & art

Hotel Costes can easily become a mecca for fashion people from the industry, even though it does have already a great coverage, it’s not enough and far from being it. Bring fashion on spot — expand the influence, do collaborations with Prada, YSL, and most obviously Dolce & Gabbana — initiate the talk and become their ‘perfect spot for events’ during FWs. Let Hotel Costes become an association when people say the name of a fashion brand.
— Put a face on the brand

Even though we are big supporters of the idea that there should always be a person standing behind the brand, the Hotel Costes is an exception. At the end of the day, the hotel is about the intimacy and hidden sense, about the fact that you can hide yourself from the eyes of the audience that is watching - sticking to that concept, it would be smart to continue the hidden story and do not expose a particular ‘face’ to the public. Let Hotel Costes stay a spot where everyone is feeling ‘the main character'.
— Other points to keep in mind

We also highly recommend the brand to go more into the online space and occupy fully the niche of music and perfumes — the hotel is also well-known for the customized candles, scents and 'Hotel Costes' music playlists on Spotify = this is the niche that the hotel should continue taking over.

ideas for expansion

Bring the Hotel Costes to such cities as Moscow, London, New York, Shanghai and Dubai. The bourgeois public there is made for such places.
Contact us to know more.