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An exclusive closed party for people with excellent taste, playful attitude and wild dreams
To experience life, to cheer for the unexpected and to celebrate demons living inside us...


— concept creation;
— art direction;
— idea development & execution;
— visual planning;
— marketing online & offline planning;
— execution roadmap development;
— concept story & mission statement creation.


To create a once-in-a-lifetime experiential high-end event for HNW & UHNW individuals.
— To organize an 18th-century Victorian ball right in the middle of the sand dunes — to turn the "concrete jungle" into a Parisian dream of the old times;

— To bring architecture, literature,
education in and to fill the place with all the beauty of the old European charm;

— To create a celebration of literature, culture, architecture, design and art, to make the influence of Victor Hugo and Henri Matisse, Alexandre Dumas and Eugène Delacroix fill the place. That party was a celebration of free spirit and broken rules highest emotions and deepest regrets.

story behind

Having numerous talks with expats and frequent travelers to the Middle East we realized that Dubai is actually not as perfect as many can believe it is.

There is so much missing still — French are missing small talks with total strangers over late-night drinks, Italians still do not have enough aperols with olives in posh art galleries and small showrooms at via Montenapoleone, Swiss lack joyful nights over cigars and Martinis in high-end bars with views to snowy mountains, British miss some Alain Ducasse and Cyril Lignac salted caramel eclairs.

For 12h only, we wanted to bring all the missing things together and make people taste that classy and elegant European feeling again.

initial goal

To make people experience everything they have been missing in Dubai by creating a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Europe.
To bring people from different verticals together in one place, so they discover each other’s businesses, profiles, industries in a chilled luxury ambiance — we needed to collide in one venue professionals from hospitality, luxury, real estate with top investors from investment funds, private equity, asset management firms in order to develop & grow business together, open up to new opportunities and offers and let contracts to be signed right on spot over a glass of Veuve Clicquot and a spoon of black caviar.


After we fully developed the concept and build the roadmap of the execution of the whole idea, we started to move the concept we had in our head towards the development and execution.

First of all, we accomplished all the core branding & visual identity elements we needed including the creation of the logo, website and social media layouts. After that we switched to the big launch of Ads, Marketing & PR block and ended up with the introduction of the offline strategy of branding & PR.
"Just for one night we will turn
Dubai into a place where sinners and saints are dancing waltz together… we will make people live the dream they've wanted to experience for a long time"