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handling the shoe issue

Luxury Repair & Restoration Shoe Brand
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Rethinking luxury shoemaking

target audience

— ladies that appreciate their goold old pair of Valentino or Prada and are not ready to throw them away easily;

— ladies that cannot allow themselves to buy a new pair of luxury shoes but can afford restoration of the existing pair;

— wifes and girlfriends of gentlemen that love good shoes but never have time to properly take care of them.


— restructuring & redesigning the brand;
— creating a new identity;
— repositioning the company;
— redirecting the strategy;
— creating the brand story;
— creation of the business plan & strategy of growth and development.

initial goal

To reposition the brand bringing it up from the ‘middle’ segment to the high-end luxury.
— to make brand luxurious;
— to attract new audience.


At first, we fully analyzed the existing brand, understood its strengths and weaknesses, did research on the target audience of the company and finally came up with a solution of how to escalate the brand to a high-end level. We fully changed the visual strategy of the company, did a couple of photoshoots with the new message and hit the digital spake with a new campaign targeting high-end individuals. We also pushed the brand into signing with already existing giants of the industry like Prada, Gucci, Tom Ford, etc.