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Rethinking The Past: studio 54

Studio 54 Concept Revival, growing the beast
[ NDA protected ]

"Let’s keep it behind closed doors…"

descriptive words

Legendary, disco life, freedom, the real-life nightclub — with its glamorous VIP guests, plentiful drugs, and balcony debauchery, truth or dare games.


— concept creation;
— visual strategy;
— brand story revival.


To revive the brand.


Studio 54 was the loudest, the greatest and the boldest - people attending the place were too busy dancing and enjoying their life to the fullest. Fashion was collapsing with art, businessmen were mixed with politicians, models were handing out with rock stars. It was the wildest place to be where illegal stuff was happening non-stop and no one even dared to stop the blast.

“Club founders Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager provided premium guests with premium cocaine and spent up to $100,000 on a single night’s party decor. And sweaty attendees engaged in anonymous intercourse on the balcony — which was famously covered in rubber so that it could be easily hosed down at the end of each evening,” wrote Vanity Fair.

story behind

Ian Schrager created a place that every single alive soul on the planet wanted to attend - and the ones who were already in, never wanted to leave it. “It was a mix of gay, straight, rich and poor. It’s also one of the few places trans women were welcome, and roller skating was allowed on the dance floor. It’s where Elton John danced with the drag queen Divine, and where stars like Farrah Fawcett and Sylvester Stallone danced to escape the everyday,” said Schrager. Everybody from the A-level society was there, from Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Cher, Andy Warhol, Grace Jones to Mick Jagger and Diane von Furstenberg.

initial goal

We were requested to create a strategy of the revival of the well-known Studio 54. The request came from the Hospitality Company that was looking for options to expand their brand portfolio of luxury F&B spots. Lots of details should stay secret due to the signed NDA.
To bring back the well-known concept and set up the Studio 54, Edition II.


NDA protected.

personal note

The world is missing this type of a place nowadays - we all know where to go clubbing, where to go for a drink or have a lavish dinner but no one knows where to spend the craziest night of all, where to experience the wildest interactions, bump into your exes and play truth or dare. So far, this project is one of the most intriguing in our experience.